Scamming and criminal hacking are heard all over the news today. Many victims are seeking help. Criminal hacking has been an automated process now. That is why pen testing is in demand because in times of hacking they are already existing. Pentest Company in Malaysia is saying that it increased its customers. Many customers are asking the company to test the application security before the hacker strikes.

Pentest Company provides a service that gives an attempt to evaluate the strength of an IT infrastructure’s security defences. Top pentest service providers offer penetration testing services that will check whether there are security flaws in a network or a system and Malaysia can be found as is the list of penetration test companies.  

What Services Does a Penetration Testing Company in Malaysia Offer

For a company to avoid losses and regret in the end, know what are the services that can a pen-testing company provide. Trust your company to someone who is professionals and know how to understand their client’s business and needs and can think as an attacker can so they can think of actions that are needed to do. Choose a pen testing company that uses a hybrid approach and composed of automated and manual testing methods. Let us know the services they offer:

Mobile App or Application Penetration Testing is a methodology that focuses the traditional application security. There is a procedure that is needed to be followed while conducting this mobile penetration testing from Le-Global. This protects the client’s security file system, hardware, and network security

Wireless Network Penetration Malaysia

Many wireless network users are having problems with hackers that can penetrate their Wi-Fi passwords. Penetration testing services can offer a ranging traditional Wi-Fi network to a specialized wireless system. Their offer includes how to identify and exploiting system attacks. Pentesting Company can guide to strengthen any weaknesses.

Web App Penetration Test Malaysia

Penetesting Company is always the best penetration test service if the company is using custom web applications to store and collect data. Always look for a web app penetration test in Malaysia that offers this service. Choose experts! The first thing they will do is to have a source code review so that they can identify vulnerable codes in the web application software. It is important to have strong security. If the company has strong security, probably this can avoid hackers and prevent losses due to data loss.

Penetration Test Service for Financial Institutions

Why is it important for banks, credit companies, and other financial institutions to look for the best pentesting company? Billions of money are involved here in this institution. So it is necessary to look for the best pentest company which offers swift security system assessment service. If cybersecurity is weak, this may lead to a major financial loss. The weak system means the institution can be wiped out easily by hackers. Make sure the platform and Pentesting Company can provide a good security service.

Crest Pentest Malaysia

This is a body representing the technical information security industry. They are called CREST Pentest Malaysia. CREST stands for the Council of Registered Security Testers. This offers a demonstrable level of assurance of the processes and procedures of member organizations. CREST also validates the competence of its technical security staff. This can provide guidance, standards, and opportunities.