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In general terms, cashback can be classified into two types of financial transaction which is credit and debit cards. Both of these have grown tremendously in the past decades. It is a benefit that refunds the customers a small percentage of the amount spent on each purchase.

Cash reward percentages typically range from 1% to 3% of a transaction. In many cases, online shopping platform increases the cashback rate to attract customers to buy at their platform.

How to get benefit from cashback?

Lazada cashback reward is also known as Laz Rewards, and it provides different rebates rate to the customers that purchase goods at their platform.

For instance, it provides 5% cashback to customers that purchase goods in the fashion, health, beauty, groceries and pet supplies category. As for mother and baby, toys and games get a 3% rebate instead. For a category that is not mentioned above, they do not enjoy any cashback discount.

As of now, Lazada provides a 10% cashback for the customer to purchase products and services using the Lazada cash reward program. All the customers have to do is just top up the wallet and made purchases with it.

For Shopee, its cashback program is tied with Shopee coins. Whenever a customer chooses to purchase products and services from the recommended seller, they can gain an amount of Shopee coins which can be used as cashback mechanisms.

In many cases, Shopee offers a 10% cashback with free shipping to further induce customers to purchase at their platform.

The power of Affiliates

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Affiliate marketing is promoting another brand’s product and services on its own platform. It can be referring to partners’ products on your own social media. As most social media influencers now are operating as an affiliate marketer to earn high commission given.

The benefits of the affiliate program to businesses include providing greater exposure and create opportunities for online users to sell their products and services. Marketers can promote the brand in a more effective and efficient method as the affiliate marketing commission is based on per purchase made.

Fun facts. Malaysians spent an average of six hours on electronic devices such as a smartphone and laptop every day. The business opportunity exploitable at online shopping in Malaysia is very attractive. Hence, the business now focuses more effort on gaining an online presence to sell their products and services.

Lazada affiliate program allows you to earn extra income by partnering with them. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Lazada:

  • It has one of the highest commission in the industry
  • Real-time performance reports are provided
  • Tracking for mobile app transactions
  • Free advanced marketing tools

One of the Zalora affiliate programs you should try out is the community influencer program. It allows you to recommend Zalora products on social media with a unique URL. It provides a great commission for each approved purchase made by your social media followers.

Zalora provides 6% and 4% commission for new and returning customers respectively. Why should you try out the Zalora affiliate program? It is the biggest e-shopping platform in Malaysia.

Shop smart

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Smartshopper Malaysia is one of the bonus sites offering cash points, rewards points and many more benefits to consumers through shopping with partner merchants. It’s free, and you simplify the registration process until you just have to provide your own MyKad number.